Kentucky Vintage Bourbon 45%

Kentucky Bourbon Distillers is a family-owned company, founded in 1935. The company, located on the outskirts of Bardstown, where, among other things. also finds the Heaven Hill distillery, acting both as a distillery and independent bottler. They are actually a relatively large independent bottler of whiskey and are therefore also often called the father of Bourbon and Rye bottlings. Kentucky Bourbon Distiller's products are in the Premium / Superpremium category. Most of the house whiskeys usually aged between 6 and 17 years, but some store up to 23 years on new American white oak. When storing in small new 200 liter barrels, the ripening process is speeded up by approx. factor 2.5 in relation to e.g. Scotch whiskey (the same goes for our rum from St. Lucia). This means that a bourbon that has been aged for 10 years on American oak is equivalent to a Scotch whiskey that has been aged 2.5 times longer, ie 25 years on cask. Today, 14 people work full time at the distillery, four of whom are from the original Willett family, which today is called Kulsveen. The director Even Kulsveen, who is from an emigrant family from Hamar in Norway, is married to Martha Willett. Martha's father was A.L. Thompson Willett, who was president of the company until 1984 and has also been president of the Kentucky Distillers Association (all distilleries in the area).

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