Parker's Heritage 8 years old Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey

Master Distiller Parker Beam from Heaven Hill Distilleries is always ready to challenge the American traditional production methods with new thinking. In September 2000, he did just that! He created a whiskey based on wheat! Parker’s wheat whiskey was in the year 2000 the first new type of whiskey to see the light of day in the U.S.A. since the end of the Prohibition era in 1933. Parker’s 9th. Edition, on the other hand, is an American Kentucky Straight malt whiskey made from the finest ingredients and the most careful distillation. Parker’s Heritage 9th. Edition is distilled on 65% malted barley and 35% corn and tastes simply like an extra soft malt whiskey from northeastern skies. This limited production has been allowed to store in carefully selected barrels for 8 years and is filled into bottles without being cold filtered so that it retains its original glow. The taste has a special smoky sweetness with a long insistent aftertaste, which gives a completely unique experience of real American malt.

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Smager bare som bourbon skal smage virkeligt et godt glas......

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