Templeton Rye 6 years old Bourbon

Templeton Rye 6 Year Old / Signature Reserve 70cl / 45.75% Straight Rye Whiskey Nose: dry with grass notes and Christmas spices. Taste: Delicious soft caramel and butterscotch flow together with a lot of spices and get a toffee quality. Aftertaste: Beautiful balance, with clean and silky rounding. When the Prohibition era in the United States began in 1920, and it was banned from producing, buying, and consuming alcohol, many citizens of a small town in Iowa opted out of the law. Their whiskey was very popular and was known for Templeton Rye or -the good stuff- by those who knew about it. Produced from the original recipe used all the way back in the era of the Prohibition era, Templeton is still an ingenious rye whiskey, which has aged on the traditional new roasted oak barrels, and it gets a delicious taste with a light finish.
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