Bodegas Ximenez-Spinola Bot Brandy Tres Mill

The Ximenez-Spinola Winery was founded in 1729 by Phelipe Zarzana Spinola, and was dedicated from the very beginning to producing exclusively Pedro Ximenez. At that time, the winery bottled the wine under the name Zarzana Spinola, but as this name was somewhat of a challenge, not to say an impossibility to pronounce in English, a large English customer demanded that this be changed to Ximenez - Spinola, which was subsequently have done. Today, only Pedro Ximenez wines are made exclusively, and although you are still extremely traditional in your vinification, you still try to experiment with the grape type, so you do not only make sherry. An example is the Late Harvest, which is the only one of its kind in the district. The absolutely exceptional thing about Spinola Brandy Criaderas is the use of chestnut casks during storage. Until the Spanish Civil War in 1939, there was a tradition of using chestnut barrels in Spain, but when a large part of the forest areas were felled during the war, the cobblers increasingly switched to using American oak to eventually completely stop using chestnut tree. The casks on Bodegas Spinola are all at least 70 years old and therefore emit only an extremely limited amount of tannin, which helps to give the brandy a rounder and softer taste.

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