Christian Drouin Vintage 1971 Calvados

Christian Drouin Distillery Bottling Apple brandy blended from eaux-de-vie aged minimum 6 years, with a delicious aromatic fresh apple palate and strong vanilla hints. Calvados are the result of distilled cider of various fruits- originally apple cider. The climate in Normandy is fertile ground for the large apple production found in the region. The tradition of distilling the apple cider is first mentioned as far back as the time of Charlemagne in the ninth century. Some manufacturers choose to indicate the age on the label, which is done under the following common names: Trois Etoiles: Minimum 2 years of barrel storage. Vieux: Also called Reserve from time to time, minimum 3 years of barrel storage. VO or Vieille Reserve: Minimum 4 years of barrel storage. VSOP: Minimum 5 years of barrel storage.

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