Lheraud XO Charles X

'The Noble'
Cognac Charles X from Cognac Lhéraud is one of the most special cognacs that has been manufactured at Lhéraud.
The bottle itself has a very special history; it comes from the Cognac Museum, where it is on display, as it once belonged to a rich French noble family, where it was used to have wine in and only for this family. Lhéraud has been allowed to take a few copies of this bottle. This has happened with a Spanish glass blower who can make these bottles by hand as they cannot be made by machine.
About 800 bottles are hand-blown each year, which are then put up on tables and filled with plain water for about 2-3 days to find out how many bottles are not 100% dense. The bottles that are not completely dense are discarded - and back are about 600 bottles, in which a
30 years old brandy; Charles X.
The winemaking history of the Lheraud family dates back centuries. The story begins with Eugene Lheraud, the winemaker who created the first Lheraud distillery. The next chapter was continued by Rémy Lheraud, and about 50 years ago it was Andrée and Guy who inherited the brandy estate.
Back then, times were tough, but with tenacity and sheer grit, they continued to work to produce fine cognacs and develop the recognition they deserved. For Andrée and Guy, life was a never-ending cycle of fairs and relentless journeys to countries far and wide to promote their brandy.
It was in 1970 that it was decided to create the name 'Cognac Lheraud', and from then on things started to look up. Travel still took up quite a few days a year, but once the name was established, people all over the world started taking note of Lheraud Cognac and the products they produced.

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