Elg Gin No. 3

Elg Gin No. 3 is a Navy Strength Gin. The term Navy Strength dates from the beginning of the 1800s, when English sailors bought rum in i.a. Caribbean. They did not have any measuring methods for determining alcohol, so they poured the rum on gunpowder to subsequently investigate whether it could ignite. Could the gunpowder ignite was the rum Proof - so approved. If, on the other hand, the gunpowder could not ignite, there was not enough alcohol in the rum. In 1816, Bartholomew Sikes invented an accurate hydrometer to determine alcohol in i.a. gin and rum. When gunpowder could ignite after being wetted with rum or gin, it was according to Sike's scale 100 Proof. It subsequently turned out that 100 Proof corresponds to 57.2% Alc. Vol. Elg No. 3 contains 10% more alcohol and 34% more essential oils that give the gin aroma and taste, compared to Elk No. 1.

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