Elg gin no. 4

ELG GIN No.4 Elg Gin No. 4 is like Elk No. 1 based on juniper, coriander and carrot, but also an extract of violet carrots has been used. The carrots come from Lammefjorden in Odsherred. VIOLETTE CARROTS In July, the freshly picked violet carrots arrive at the distillery, which is immediately soaked in 50% strong alcohol. Quite slowly the liquor becomes more and more violet. At the same time, the alcohol percentage decreases as the alcohol also draws water out of the carrots. After 1 week, strain the carrots and filter the violet extract. The result is an extract of 38% alc. vol., which contains a wide range of flavors and aromas not obtained by distillation, i.a. the dye anthocyanin, which is a well-known antioxidant. THE PERFECT SERVING Moose. No. 4 is a gin that can be enjoyed with ice cream and tonic and a little orange, but also goes well with vermouth as a dry Martini. When Tonic or Martini is added to Elg Gin No. 4 shows a slight color change to pink. PRICES Elk No 4. won Bronze in the category "Gin & Tonic" at IWSC 2018.

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