Geranium London Dry Gin

Geranium is a Premium London Dry Gin at 44% vol., And contains 10 ingredients, including juniper and geranium. Geranium Gin is developed and produced in a unique collaboration between Danish and English gin experts. In the summer of 2008, Hans and Henrik Hammer decided to make a new gin that would take up the fight with the big brands on the market. Henrik could, by virtue of his knowledge of gin, and as a judge at international gin tastings, judge what flavor nuances the gin should contain to hit the desired result, and his father Hans, who was a chemist, could determine how the flavors could be extracted from the various "botanicals" as the ingredients in gin are called in technical terms. Gin basically contains juniper berries, which according to EU regulations must be the dominant taste factor for it to be called gin.

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Geranium gin er den bedste gin jeg nogensinde har smagt, så prøv den før din nabo

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