isfjord premium arctic gin 44%

Silver winner in blind test for International Sprits Challenge 2012 in gin's stronghold England. An achievement in itself, for something as unusual as a Danish / Greenlandic super premium Gin. This is definitely not a Dry Gin! But instead one of the softest Gin on the market. Distilled with 12 different ingredients and added some of the world's purest natural water. This gin is extremely well-balanced, with a taste of juniper and lemongrass, soft tones of angelica, with a hint of cardamom that ends in a soft, sweet, and slightly bitter aftertaste of orange. It's high class. With ice cubes it can be drunk clean, but it is also perfect for drinks. Try e.g. a Gin & Tonic - use a Q Tonic - with crushed ice, and with a slice of fresh orange. It almost does not get better. The water that is added to arctic gin comes from ice, which is naturally calved from the Greenland ice sheet by the world-famous Ilulissat. The ice is up to 180,000 years old, and has been under pressure from the huge ice sheet for thousands of years. The ice is extremely clean, and when manually collected and melted, some of the softest and purest natural water in the world is obtained. This is one of the secrets behind this gin

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