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When you buy gin in the 18th and 19th centuries, you will be offered a simple choice: English gin or Dutch gin. Hollands Gin was known as Jenever, a 35% ABV juniper-based sipping spirit, where English Gin was at a much higher ABV and with many more botanical plants. English Gin was labeled fancy names like Young Tom and Old Tom or named after the distillery or distillery like Plymouth, Warrington and Tanqueray. At the time, England was the largest importer of French champagne, and since bottles were expensive and gin was originally a "poor man's spirit", the champagne bottles would be recycled and filled with gin that consumers could buy in gin stores. Hammer & Son Old English Gin is made from a recipe from 1783 that distills eleven botanical plants in the oldest pot still used in England today. Old English Gin comes in champagne bottles with a natural cork, organic wax and silkscreen, as they did in 1783. Old English Gin is produced with green power, and the only non-organic waste is the bottle that must be disposed of for recycling - all to protect the environment. In this way, we revive how English gin was made and distributed back then, so to taste a cocktail as it was intended, you need a gin that has not changed. Old English Gin is the way it was: TRULY ORIGINAL

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