Tranquebar Colonial Gin 45%

Many hundreds of years have passed since two Dutch merchants were represented by the Danish king. The enterprising men had a very special errand with the Danish Drot. It was proposed to the king to establish a colony in the Far East. Action became words, Denmark established by peaceful means the small colony Tranquebar. Now the Danish king had access to the mysteries of the East, including the coveted spices Vanilla, nutmeg, cardamom, cinnamon, anise, coriander. Back in the year 1616, one of the Dutch shopkeepers had something as exotic as a recipe for Gin. It is this recipe from Jan De Willum's preserved archives that forms the basis of the TranquebarColonial Gin we know today. Now as then, it is the aromatic hot spices from the Indian that dominate this premium small batch Gin.

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