Castello Banfi Condimento Balsamico Etrusco

Beneath the north wing of Castello Banfi lies the long, atmospheric Balsameria, which looks like a miniature wine cellar. In this place, once used as a remote warehouse for the castle, our precious Condimento Balsamico Etrusco was born and developed.

Condimento Balsamico Etrusco, much more refined than most of the balsamic vinegar on the market today, is a nectar obtained using the traditional methods of the traditional Etruscans. The grapes are harvested sent when their sugar is concentrated and pressed lightly. The must is filtered and then boiled to reduce it in volume and concentrate its taste further. After cooling, it is transferred to wooden barrels for 4-8 months. During this aging, the process of "embalming" begins. Gradually, balsamic is collected in gradually smaller barrels (from 60 to 25 liters) of different woods (eg chestnut, cherry, ash and mulberry) until the filling of the last barrel, 25 liters, from which emerges as salsa balsamica and aging period that can take about 12 years.

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