Gerard Bertrand Banyuls 2011

Banyuls is a southern French dessert wine - France's answer to Port Wine - and is made from 80% Grenache Noir and 20% Grenache Gris. Southern France has often been described as France's answer to California. In this connection, the comparison is based only on the heat. It's too hot there. In fact, in recent years too hot. You lack water. This means that the vines are thirsty. They put few grapes. Lower yields as a result. Concentrated wines. Sort of. And most importantly. Complex. For what California has in density, the South of France has in richness of nuance and French audacity. It is artisans who are at stake here. Not "Dress suit business but". There is soil under the nails and a heart that beats harder than the sun in the dry soil. One is generally not good at marketing. So the whole region suffers from the fact that the consumer does not know the difference between a Roussillon and a Saint Saturnin. But Gérard Bertrand is in full swing to change that! Banyuls is produced in some of Europe's most beautifully situated vineyards. The vines are planted on a series of terraces carved or blasted out of the cliff, overlooking the Mediterranean. Precisely the location so close to the Mediterranean gives the vineyards a very special microclimate with mild winters and summers. The sea's cool summer winds delay ripening, giving the wine a greater complexity. Once the grapes have been pressed, the grape spirit is added before the fermentation starts. The must is subsequently allowed to lie with skin contact for about 5 weeks before the wine is placed on casks for min. 18 months. The result is unconditionally France's best and most complex Vin Doux Naturel. Can be stored for up to 10 years.

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