Caroni Trinidad 2000 20 Years Old Nita Hogan Employees 3rd Rel. 65,2%

The famous Caroni distillery was founded in 1918 in the state of Trinidad (Trinidad) & Tobago. This state-owned distillery then had its own sugar refinery to ensure its supply of raw material, high-quality sugar cane produced on site. Strongly equipped with different types of stills (column and iron), this legendary distillery has long remained "secret" and "mystical". Indeed, few of their rums have been bottled under their own label. Their eaux-de-vies present a very unique aromatic profile with fragrances of hydrocarbons, sweet spices and honey. Unfortunately, the government decided to close the distillery in 2002 following a crisis in the sugar industry. As a result, their rarity has greatly increased, shifting these rums with such an atypical character into a mythical dimension.

“Vijay”, “Buju” and “Nitz” are the three new Caroni “Employees” for this 3rd year out. The Nitz cuvée honors a woman who worked for 30 years in this iconic distillery. The rums present in this bottle we

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