Velier Royal Tiger Shark 2019 2nd Edition

Tiger Shark ”is the 2nd edition in the series of“ Navy ”rooms from the honored bottler, Velier. It is a so-called "pure vatted rum" consisting of distillates from the best pot stills around the Caribbean. Exactly which distilleries are in question, the story does not mention anything about, but since this time it is exclusively pot still-rum, we can in all probability exclude Caroni, which was otherwise an essential component of the first edition. The room is bottled at 57.18% and has an average age of 14 years. Color: Deep, dark golden. Scent: The scent hides many layers of raisin, prune, chocolate, licorice and oak. Taste notes: Full-bodied and complex, again with lots of dark chocolate, cloves and licorice.

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