Rene Lequin-Colin Chardonnay Santanay Les Hates Bourgogne 2018

Well-known wine roots date back to the mid-17th century, when the church began selling off its vineyards in eastern France. The Lequin family was among the first private farmers to send their wine to Paris and the rest of the world. Exports from isolated Burgundy gained momentum in the 18th century, when the quality of French roads improved. When the Sun King's doctor simultaneously replaced champagne with old white burgundy as a suitable drink for health, the reputation of burgundy wine was definitely established. In 1986, the domain Lequin-Roussot was divided between the brothers Renè and Louis. Together with his wife Josette Colin of Chassagne-Montrachet, Renè formed the domain Renè Lequin-Colin, which in 2006 was taken over by sons Francois. The production was organically certified in 2012.

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