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The inspiration comes from Foxhole Vinyard in Sussex. The name comes from the narrow road that leads into the winery, Foxhole Lane. The idea comes from integrating English wine production into the production of gin. Every year, tons of pressed grapes are thrown out where there is still must left in, this is what the French call marc. This remnant of the Bolney Estate winery is what Foxhole is based on. They take these grape remnants and squeeze them again to get the last drops out. This juice is collected and fermented, this becomes English wine. This "wine" is produced once a year and then stored in steel tanks so that it can be distilled all year round. The juice is distilled over 2 days and then added to the carefully selected botanicals after which it is distilled again. As the grape juice varies slightly from year to year, this also gives little change in the taste of the gin base. 9 Botanicals Juniper Cilantro Angelica rod Orris rod Licorice root Bitter orange Fresh lemon peel Grapefruit peel Angelica seeds

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