Yellow Chartreuse 43% 70 cl.

Chartreuse is a French liqueur with a fascinating history and taste experience. It comes in two varieties: the green Chartreuse with 55% alcohol content and the yellow Chartreuse with 40% alcohol content. Both are dyed with saffron, which gives them their characteristic color.

A Unique Blend of Flavors:

The most remarkable thing about Chartreuse is the complex blend of flavors and aromas that come from an incredible variety of herbs, plants and flowers, no less than 130 of them. The exact recipe is a well-kept secret, known only to a handful of monks at the Grande Chartreuse Abbey, where the liqueur was created. This mix of ingredients gives it its unique flavor profile, with notes of spices, herbs and a certain sweetness.

Aging and Improvement:

Another notable characteristic of Chartreuse is its ability to improve with age. After being bottled, the liqueur ages and matures further, giving it a deeper and more harmonious taste. This aging aspect sets Chartreuse apart from many other liqueurs on the market.

A Hidden Treasure:

Chartreuse is a hidden treasure within the world of liqueurs, and its history and unique composition make it a beloved and sought-after product. Whether enjoyed on its own as a thoughtful digestif or incorporated into cocktails, Chartreuse is a liqueur prized for its depth and complexity.

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