Andresen Colheita 1975 0.5 liters

JH Andresen is a small Portuguese owned port wine house with Danish roots that produced this beautiful colheita in 1975. It is almost a contradiction, but also an indisputable fact that there is both freshness and age to be found in this fully mature colheita with 43 years behind it. .
Every year at least 3% of the wine evaporates, so at best you have 1/3 of the wine left after more than 4 decades. The evaporation therefore gives the wine great concentration, while the many years of oxidative storage give a fantastic depth and complexity. The cellar master's task is, among other things, throughout all these years that the wine gets comfortable with air, neither too much nor too little, so that the wine develops harmoniously.
Through the wine's massive concentration are fine aromas of roasted figs, walnuts, mahogany table, cinnamon, orange and roasted wood. The wine ends in a dignified manner with a very long finish.
Most people will enjoy this museum item without anything else, but for a nut or almond cake with a mocha cream and a generous crème caramel, for example, it will also do.
For serving, we recommend a temperature of 13-19 ° (coolest on a summer day) as well as a good glass of white wine that is spacious enough to get the full aroma experience.
After opening, the wine stays for about 2-3 weeks - the longest in the fridge.

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