Domaine du Pegau Reserve Chateauneuf du Pape 2019

Fantastic vintage of Pegau's most famous Cuvée, which gradually has something of a fan base. Réservée is a blend of no less than 13 different grape varieties - yet clearly dominated by 80% Grenache. Laurence Féraud runs the same course here as with the top wine Da Capo. the clusters are pressed whole, fermentation on cement containers without the addition of yeast and finally 2 years of maturation on used oak barrels.

In particular, history plays a major role for Laurence and Paul Féraud. The family has grown wine on the site since 1670 and has since 1733 used the grapes for wine production. And when Laurence in 1987 proposed his father to include 7 acres in the creation of a new wine brand, it was also the story that provided the name. Pegau means amphora, which were the jars in which the wine was kept back in time… also back in Roman times. And Laurence himself had found a few of them while working on the family fields.

Domaine du Pegau quickly became a hit and already the 1990 vintage was sold to overseas markets. Since then, Laurence and Paul have expanded continuously and today the Domaine du Pegau has more than 70 hectares, where grapes are mainly grown for the red wines. The methods are the good old-fashioned ones. It is harvested by hand, the clusters are pressed whole and fermented without the use of yeast. For example, Cuvee Laurence even uses the old huge barrels, which otherwise only the few use today, where everything has to be made ready to drink in record time.

In 2011, father and daughter fell over a vineyard 6 km north of Chateauneuf du Pape. Farm and associated vineyards of just over 60 hectares were for sale… and in just under 20 minutes they bought the place and named it Chateau Pegau. Here, the family produces especially classic Côtes du Rhône and Villages - again with respect for terroir and history. And why change something that has worked so brilliantly for decades… not to mention centuries

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