A H Riise Non Plus Ultra La Galante 43,4%

Nothing Further Beyond.

In September 1493, Columbus embarks on his second voyage to find the sea route to India. Ahead awaits the new and unknow. Behind him are the Mediterrenean and the Strait og Gilbratar, which marked one of the end of the known world. Acoording to a legend, the Pillars of Hercules were placed at each end of the Strait with the inscription "Non Plus Ultra"

(Nothing Further Beyond)
- a phrase that has given name to our Non Plus Ultra Ultra blends. Columbus, as you know, did not find find the sea to India. Instead, he discovered the West Indies, where the Spaniards planted suger cane and laid the groundwork for the production of sugar and West Indies Rum

The Flagship of the Non Plus Ultra Series.
"La Galante" is named after Columbus ship Santa Maria La Galante, which he led when he discovered St. Croix and the West Indies. This exclusive Limited Edition blends is made from premium rum from the West Indies and carefully selected rum distilleries in Central America. Every single cask is carefully selected in order to create a superior matured blend that captures the essence of the West Indies and the flora for the islands.

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