Angostua 1787 caribbean rum 15 years old rum Trinidad

Nature´s bounty. Man´s ingenuity

1787. The great sails of the mill rotate in tandem with the huge rollers ponderously turning and crushing the lush ripe cane stalks. Loud cherring greets the first trickles of sweet, golden-gren juice flowing into the copper. A time to celebrate on the Lapeyrouse sugar estate. From this rich bounty will come not just the golden crystals of sugar, but that fascinating new spirit... Rum, distilled from its secondary product, molasses.

Angostura 1787 a tribute to times past, when small world of Trinidad was brave and new through life was hard... for its pioneers it was filled with promise.

Angostura 1787 a super-premium 15 year-old rum, aged and blended with love from the house of Angostura

Aged: Minimum 15 years
Strength 40%
Origin: Trinidad & Tobago

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