Collectors Series rum no. 6 Ten Cane 60,8%

Ten Cane, which was a first-class Trinidadian light rum brand owned by LVMH. Moët Hennessy, introduced Ten Cane in 2005. Production was stopped in 2015. Ten Cane rum was named after the tradition of hand-harvesting and bundling sugar cane stalks in groups of ten.

The rooms from Ten Cane are made of fresh sugar cane juice.

It is fermented for 5 days and then distilled in a small portion.

It has been aged in French oak barrels for a number of years.

We have had the opportunity to bottle several of these rums, which is always with great pleasure because we find these rums very clean and authentic

This one is 13 years old and no color or sugar has been added.



Ten Cane Distillery


BTXCA brand

Barrel no. 107

Distilled May 2008

Bottled September 2021

Tropical and Continental aging

1 of 231 bottles

60.8% ABV

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