Gouden Carolus East beer

Gouden Carolus Easter beer - Easter brew

Now it's here again!
Denmark's probably best Easter beer. Can brew all year round for the traditional Danish lunch. This Belgian Strong Ale has a big nice foam, as well as incredibly nice fullness in the taste.

Brouwerij Het Anker is a small but highly acclaimed brewery, located in Mechelen midway between Antwerp and Brussels. The brewery has been brewing since 1369 and is known for their excellent beer. Due to the great success of our Christmas beer, we wanted an Easter beer that could think a little about the Christmas beer, but it must not be as sweet as the Christmas beer, a little less anise in the taste and a little bitter aftertaste. It was a bit of a problem. The brewery had not previously brewed on the chest, and in Belgium there is no tradition of Easter beer, but together with our supplier we got made and tried, tasted it and in that way the excellent Gouden Carolus Easter Beer was created. It is a dark, spicy, strong Ale. The alcohol content is 10% vol. Large and beautiful foam, incredibly full-bodied in taste and aroma. Perfect for the classic Easter lunch with herring and red cabbage and particularly suitable for mint jelly and lamb. Should be served at 12-14 ° C

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