Thomas Hardy’s The Historical Ale 2017

Thomas Hardy's Ale is a Barley Wine that was first brewed in 1968. It develops and improves its taste and aroma over the years in the same way as the finest red wines.

In 2015, a small amount of this Ale was poured into oak barrels and left to rest for six months, just as the first vintage did. This resulted in Thomas Hardy The Historical Ale. The result of aging on cask is another simple complex Barley Wine with countless facets and both sweet, sour and spicy aromas from Tennessee Whiskey.


Ingredients: Same recipe aged six months on oak barrels previously used for aging the reputed Tennessee Whiskey.
Storage: Store in a cool, dark place. Should stand upright for 24 hours before serving.
Serving: To be enjoyed at approx. 13 ° C after oxygenation in store balloon glass.
Enjoyed: Enjoyed in peace after dinner, preferably in front of a knitting fire.


Tennessee Whiskey is a Bourbon variety made in the homonymous American state. It comes from the fermentation of a grain mash that is distilled and then matured for at least two years on brand new oak barrels.

The barrels used to ripen Thomas Hardy's Ale “The Historical” vintage 2017 come from a famous Tennessee distillery.

The whiskey mash is brewed with carpet, barley malt and corn, fermented for five days, distilled and aged on American white yeast barrels.

During long aging, wood and whiskey mutually exchange aromas and flavors. Elegant essences, subtle notes and bolder tones that are "caught" in the barrel and slowly transferred to our Thomas Hardy's Ale "The Historical" vintage 2017.

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