Pure Licorice vodka

What does a Danish champion in cocktail do when he thinks that there is a lack of a delicate and tasteful shot that Danes can enjoy in the nightlife? He creates it from scratch, just as he thinks it should be. And this is how the story of the new luxury shot - PURE starts. A licorice shot that tastes exactly as it should - of real and good licorice. Can one enjoy a shot? The older generation will at all times claim that they enjoy a cold snap. The Italians might think that they enjoy a Fernet Branca, just as the Mexicans will always tell you that you can easily enjoy a tequila. The fact is, though, that when you stand at a bar and order a shot, it rarely means that the next moment is shrouded in enjoyment. It's past now. With PURE you can enjoy a shot, and you can enjoy several of them, so you can comfortably aim for the small glasses. The ingredients mean everything when you want to create something tasty. For former Danish champion in cocktail Lasse Rishøj, creating something unique from the best ingredients is nothing new - he has done so for many years. And here really lies the essence of PURE: Knowledge and selection. Knowledge of the creation of delicate drinks and the selection of the best ingredients for just this. It has created a shot where both facial twitches and fear of the body’s reaction are completely unnecessary. The pure taste of licorice without an unpleasant aftertaste is the result of this approach to a delicious shot. Like another Breaking Bad story, the chemist Lasse Rishøj and the businessman Anders Snede started selling the newly created PURE at the nightclub Castenskiold in Aarhus. And as we know it from the history of New Mexico, the cleaner and better product quickly became a hit. Fortunately, people did not become directly addicted, but the demand for the shot at the Aarhus nightclub was not to be missed; people demanded the product and wanted more. That is why the two are now taking PURE out into the Danish country, so that everyone can be allowed to taste how a shot should taste. Now you might be thinking that such a text promises something it can not keep - how often can one rely on a sales pitch? For doubters, we will therefore just come up with a simple call - give it a try! We can not promise that it falls in everyone's taste, but we can promise that it is better than the varieties available on the market today.

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