Arran 1998/2018 Limited Edition 20 years old single island malt whisky cask 135 51,7%

Back in the early 1800s, there were many small stills across the island. Not all were legal, but all created superlative spirit. Arran has always been a fine place to produce good whiskey, but as the quantity was valued over the quality, our small island could not compete economically and the distilleries fell into disuse. Lagg Distillery closes its doors In 1840, the original Lagg Distillery, operating on the site of a former flax mill in the village of Lagg on the southern tip of the Isle of Arran, closed its doors due to poor management, transportation difficulties and competition from major mainland distilleries. The search began on the Isle of Arran to find the perfect location for the new distillery on the island. Lochanza was eventually struck as the water there was of such high quality. We revived the tradition when we built our new distillery in Lochranza, at the northern end of the island. Construction began at the distillery on December 16th. The eagles make their home The building was briefly stopped to allow a pair of golden eagles to nest high in the hills above our Lochranza home. Eagles have become a big part of our distillery and come back most years to nest. They can sometimes be seen flying high above the distillery and have been reported to make several "fly past" on large occasions.

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