Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 9 Highland Single Malt Whisky 59,4%

Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 9 Single Highland Malt Whisky 59.4%

Glendronach Cask Strength Batch 9 whisky from the lovely distillery. The whisky has aged on Oloroso and PX sherry dish, without any addition of color or caramel. Enjoy the 59.4% alcohol in Glendronach Cask Strength possibly with a few drops of water.

The Highland Distillery GlenDronach is one of Scotland's oldest and it can draw an intriguing historical line to the very first licences issued for legal distillation in the Highlands. The founder of GlenDronach was James Allardice, a protégé of the gentleman directly responsible for the legislation of 1823. GlenDronach was built a few years later, in 1825, but whisky was produced on site long before the official registration, as the first building on the distillery's grounds was built as far back as 1771. It is "The Glen House", which is still today high on the site and majestically oversees the activities of the entire distillery. The building, which has been home to several of the distillery's managers over the years, was originally called Boynsmill, but it was renamed "The Glen House" by James Allardice.

Since its establishment in 1826, the distillery has been burned down, owners have changed countless times and capacity has been expanded. In the 1860s, GlenDronach was the highland distillery that paid the most tax to the state, and there were more than 50 families living in and around the distillery, all of whom were employed at GlenDronach. At the time, GlenDronach was almost a small village in the Highlands. GlenDronach was among the last distilleries to discontinue floor malting (in 1996), and it was the very last Scottish distillery to abolish the direct heating of boilers with coal as recently as 2005. GlenDronach, on the other hand, was among the very first distilleries to market the types of dish used for storing the whisky on the label of the bottle. The distillery was also among the first to open its doors to the public by setting up a visitor centre in 1973 on the grounds of the distillery.

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