Hazelburn 10 years old Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky 46% 2021

NOTE... Only the bottle is left, so there is no box for this whisky...

Hazelburn 10 years is a great introduction to one of Springbank Distilleries 3 lines of whiskey. Distilled 3 times, which is otherwise characteristic of the classic Lowland whiskeys, and the extra throughput in a copper kettle results in lighter, more delicate spirits. Aroma: Baked pears and apples, followed by honey and caramel notes. Taste: A nice soft viscosity in the mouth. Vanilla, caramel and honey as well as very light anise notes. Creamy and soft, slightly oily finish. Springbank was founded in 1828 by Archibald Mitchell and is thus Scotland's oldest independent distillery. It is the only distillery where pretty much everything is produced "on location" - from floor malting to bottling. The whiskey is not cold filtered and no caramel or other color is added here. 3 whiskeys are produced at Springbank Distillery with 3 very different grades. The Springbank series, which accounts for 80% of production, is lightly smoked and distilled 2.5 times. Longrow, which is more intensely smoked and distilled twice. The last of the three is hazelburn as completely smoke-free and is distilled a full 3 times

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