Mosgard Cask Experiment Series Cask #1

Mosgard Cask Experiment Series # 1 is our first release in a brand new series - created for virtual whiskey tasting Thursday 29 / 10-2020 by the panel consisting of Daniel Christensen (Whiskey Viking), Lars Hesselberg (Whiskey Adventurer), Thomas Rydberg, Lasse Bank Johansen and Jes Mosgaard. The final release is selected by the participants in the whiskey tasting The winning whiskey is blended by Thomas Rydberg. The 5 candidates for the tasting are all composed of 7 different dishes selected by Jes Mosgaard. Each of them has a very high quality and bottle warms as a single dish, but we have instead chosen to combine them in a completely new experiment. Each flavor variant is composed of 4-5 casks in different proportions from 2 Port wine casks, 2 PX casks, 1 Oloroso cask, 1 Ex Bourbon cask and 1 cask of new French e.g. The Cask Experiment series will be Mosgaard's new experimental series where we will work with different ways of making whiskey that are not completely traditional - and we have planned some exciting things to come in the future. The bottle at the dish strength which highlights in the taste - approx. 250 bottles all numbered.

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