Springbank 12 years old Cask strength Campbeltown Single Malt Whisky 56,1% 2020 Edition

Springbank 12 Years Cask Strength is a single malt whiskey from one of Scotland's most held distilleries. It is bottled by cask strength, and is composed of a mixture of whiskey from different cask types. This is the bottling from October 2020, and this time the composition is quite unusual with 45% sherry cask, 25% bourbon cask, 25% burgundy cask and 5% port wine cask. The whiskey is bottled at 56.1% alcohol and is neither added color nor cold filtered.

Color: Dark amber. Aroma: Peat smoke, tobacco leaves, ginger and fallen apples. Taste notes: Large and strong in taste. Notes of sweet red fruit (strawberries, cherries), dark chocolate and toasted marshmallows.

Serving suggestions: Should be enjoyed clean, but preferably with a few drops of water. It swims well!

Springbank produces 3 distinct types of whiskey, which differentiate on a number of parameters. The classic Springbank has a light peat smoke. The smoke level is stated (somewhat inaccurately) with a measurement of phenol in the pre-malted barley and is approximately 10-15 "parts per million" (the malt is dried for 6 hours with peat smoke and 30 hours with hot air). Springbank has also been distilled 2.5 times. "Longrow" - a heavily smoked variant was first made in 1973. Here the smoke is up to 50-55 ppm, the malt is dried for 48 hours with peat smoke, and it is distilled twice. The latest variant, Hazelburn, saw the light of day in 1997 when they first tried completely unsmoked and triple distilled whiskey. Of the approximately 175,000 liters that the small Campbeltown distillery produces per year, 80% are Springbank, approximately 10% Longrow and 10% Hazelburn.

No matter what variant you are addicted to, Springbank is worth getting acquainted with. It's many whiskey nerd's favorite distillery and for good reason! As the only distillery in Scotland, they malt all the barley they need. Dye is never added and the whiskey is not refrigerated.

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