Arran destillery 18 års single malt whisky 46%

The Arran Malt 18 Years is a wonderfully well-balanced single malt. It has a nice depth in the taste and shows all the many nuances that the distillery character from the small distillery offers. Caramelized citrus and notes of tropical fruits with a background of roasted oak together give an intense and well-rounded dram with charm and personality. The color is honey golden. In the nose, tones of sweet fruits with syrup and burnt oak as well as vanilla, cinnamon and spices are felt. In the mouth, the sweetness dances on the tongue with notes of chocolate, ginger and burnt dark brown sugar and lots of vanilla. With a small drop of water in the glass, tones of oranges and floral aromas emerge. The whiskey has a lingering long and very luxurious "finish". It is a classic Arran with lots of citrus fruit combined with dark chocolate. At Kokkens Vinhus, we have a wide selection of Arran and we can safely recommend all editions as the quality is not denied in some of the bottlings.

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