A H Riise Royal Danish Navy Strenght 55% Limited Edition

A H Riise Royal Danish Navy Strength 55% Limited Edition

Navy Strength 55%:
A.H. Riise "Royal Danish Navy Strength 55%" is cultivated and created based on the original receipes used for the fantastic and bestselling A.H. Riise "Royal Danish Navy 40%" It is hand-blended by our master distiller om respect to naval traditions, using several old casks to crate this ultimate blend. The powerful and flavoursome drops distinguish themselves by having a high alcohol content without affecting the taste, aside from the intended "bite" in the aroma.
A.H. Riise "Royal Danish Navy Strength 55% is an premium rum-based spirit drink. It is made from molasses generated through slow fermentation and is then distilled into a rum with 85% alcohol content. This is archieved using the traditional pot-still distillation method, which results in a high content of esters and a powerful aroma. Once the spirit scent reaches you nose the spirits gives itself away by enveloping your nostrils in the undisputed fragrance of high-esther rums.

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A H Riise Royal Danish Navy Strength 55% Limited Edition

Tasting notes:
Nose: Stewed dark fruit, burnt figs, orange peel and a small, well-integrated "bite" from the otherwise high alcohol content.
Taste: Creamy, spicy and very full-bodied with sherry caramel, dates, cardamom and eucalyptus.
Finish: Long and creamy with delightful mint overtone.

A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy Strength 55% is specially created to honour the long and lasting relationship between the Danish Navy and A.H. Riise, when rum was a central part of a sailor´s salary when serving in the both the Danish merchant fleet or in the malitary navy. It is said that rum from Albert Heinrich Riise was supplied to the naval fleet when they docked in the port of Charlotte Amalie in the former Danish West Indies. The name of the Danish West Indies changed to the U.S Virgin Island after the Island were sold to The Unites States of America in the summer of 1916.


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