Ferrand Renegade Limited Edition no 3 48,2%

Ferrand Renegade Limited Edition no 3 2021
Eau de vie de vin 48,2%

Jamaica rum barrel:
Long ago, before today´s cognac AOC definitions, cognac was aged in a variaty of barrel types, including rum casks. Surprisingly, the practice of using rum barrels has been forgotten and was not included in subsequent AOC regulation. Rhis is why we have to call it an Eau-de-vie and not a cognac. For years, we have been exploring historic methods, and are proud to be able to offer this delicious eau-de-vie from another time.

Edition n. 3: Double maturation oak & Jamaican rum barrels:
In the attic of the 19th century Ferrand family manor, we found a 1912 advertisement in a newspaper called "Le vrai cognac" for rum barrels to sell to to cognac producers. Elie Ferrand VIII traded his own spiritus in the nearby port city of Bordeaux, and was surely intrigued by the "haut goût" of Jamaican rums and the potential for developing distinctively flavourful eaux-de-vie in their barrels. Today old cognac makers still remember ageing their precious cognacs in rum barrels.

We revive this venerable technique with our signature double-ageingprocess: Our 2011 vintage is first aged in French oak barrels, and then further matured in our own Plantation 1996 Jamaica HJC rum casks. Distilled at Jamarica´s famed Long Pond Distillery, this rum´s tropical fruit and exotic spices notes, suffused in the wood of each barrek, impart subtle exotic nuances to create a truely original eau-de-vie brandy.

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Ferrand Renegade Barrel no. 3
Limited Edition 48,2%

Origin: Cognac - France
Single Cru: Grande Champagne
Raw matrial: Ugni Blanc grapes
Vintage: 2011
Double maturation:
Plantations Rum Jamaica - Long Pond Distillery HJC 1996 casks.


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