A H Riise Royal Danish Navy 40%

A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy 40%

This exceptional spirit drink, with its broad spectrum of aromas and subtleties of taste, offers a unique experince rum aficionados. This A.H. Riise "Royal Danish Navy 40%" is a spirit drink made from a variety of rums distillates. It is hand-blended by our master distiller in respect to naval traditions, using several casks to create this ultimate blend.

A.H. Riise "Royal Danish Navy 40%" It is made from molasses generated through slow fermentation and is then distilled into a rum with 85% alcohol content. This is archieved using the traditional pot-still distillation method, which results in a high content of esters and a powerful aroma. Finally, the spirit drink is diluted to a comfortable 40% volume before being poured into bottles and made ready for an exceptional sipping experince.

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A.H. Riise Royal Danish Navy 40%

Tasting notes:
Nose: Rich nose with liquorice, orange zest, coconut, papaya, eucalyptus, and mint. A hint of balsamic reduction and black tea.
Taste: A full-bodied taste, with a beautiful balance of citrus, green notes of eucalyptus and mint and the deep notes of liqourice and balsamic reduction.
Finish: Long lasting with notes if mocca and dark chocolate with orange.

We honor the Danish Navy
The production of all A.H. Riise "Royal Danish Navy" spirits are produced in honor of Albert Heinrich Riise and his production back in St. Thomas apothecary hall in the Danish West Indies.


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