Bonpland Extremely Rare 23 years Guyana Rum 45% 50 cl.

Bonpland Rum
Extremely Rare Rum

Origin: Guyana
Distillery: Uitvlugt Distillery
Vintage: 1993
Bottled in: 2016
Bottles in all: 356
Strength: 45%

Finished for 6 mounths in the very best barrique wine barrels of the VDP estate Bernard Huber (Baden) and Friedrich Becker (Phalz)

The Single Cask Collection - natural & untouched
Following in Bonpland´s tracks, special casks from top rum distilleries were carefully selected in order to refine it in the best casks from our top vineyards. A further half-year in the fresh barrique casks lends a final decisive note to the top distillates, which have already matured for decades. Each bottle of this limited exclusive series is indivdually numbered. Each decanter is presented on a wooden coaster. The individuallity of the induvidual distillations is what makes this series so impressed. Along with the now closed Caroni Distillery (Trinidad), the series also offers rums from the Foursquare Distillery (Barbados), the Worthy Park distillery (Jamaica), The St. Lucia Distillers (St. Lucia), The Diamond distillers (Enmore & Uitvluigt Guyana), South Pacific (Fiji), Mount Gay (Barbados), Darsa Distillery (Guatemala), and Travellers Disstillery (Belize)

Aimé Bonpland - Humboldt´s travelling partner and friend
When Aimé Bonpland's father heard of his birth in his vineyard, he let out a cry of joy "Grace á Dieu, un bon plant!" (Thank God, a beautiful plant!) The first name Aimé is a symbol of an intimate love for nature and the world of plants, In 1799, the French physician and natural scientist embarked on an epoch-making journey, the German Columbus. We have Bonpland´s notes and discoveries to thank for thousands of new plant species and animal genera. Bonpland who tended Napoleon´s imperial gardens and later taugth as a professor in Argentina, summarized his findings in literary form. His drive for new discoveries in both the Old and in the New World makes Aimé Bonpland the namesake of a rum that connects the greatest treasures of distant distilleries with the artistry of old German manufactories.

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