Fanø Ship's Mermaid rum 70 cl.

Fanø Ship's Rum Mermaid 70 cl.

This rum builds on the more than 300-year-old ship's rum tradition. For centuries, rum from the Caribbean was an important part of the sailors' provisions on the large sailing ships, so that they could withstand the harsh conditions at sea. This ship's rum is based on a rum that is distilled in Jamaica and then seasoned with natural, local ingredients and aged in port casks on Fanø.

The mermaid has a soft and sweet taste of heather honey and sea buckthorn from Fanø. The ship's rum is aged in port casks on Fanø, and provides a taste experience that sends you from Fanø to exotic climes - and back again.

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Til dato den bedste danske rom jeg hr smagt. Smagfuld og sød, men med en god kant.

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