Plantation Three Stars rum 41,2%

Three Stars Rum

The Three Stars of the Caribbean
Barbados Island:
Their pot stills instills depth of flavour and a wide aromatic range to the blend while column stills bring lighter notes and consistency. Good rums from Barbadis are well rounded and show perfect balance between richness and elegance with subtle sugar cane and sweet tropical fruit notes and light banana-type aroma.

Jamaica Island:
Rum is fundamental to Jamaican culture: even non-drinkers will have a bottle at home, to offer a sip to guest or to use as a little "medicine" for what ails them. Jamaican rum are the fullest flavor, woth much character and individuality. They present all aromas of Jamaica: Molasses, banana and tropical fruits. The highly aromatic Jamaican style - having a heavy, backbone, with no compromise - has always been envied.

Trinidad Island:
The distillers here use mainly column stills to produce the lighter bodied and stylish Trinidadian style rum. Despite the fact the Trinidad is the home of bitters, the rum has finese and elegance. It shows delicate notes of citrus and gentle spices woth a touch of vanilla that comes from the oak barrels it is age in.

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Artisanal rum

Plantation Three Stars Silver Rum is a skillful blend of the best the Caribbean has to offer from Barbados, Jamaica and Trinidad. Each island has a distinct rum style developed over centuries and brings irs own special character to Plantation Three Starts Silver Rum: Matured Trinidad rum imparts its classic elegance, Barbados delivers sophistication with a balanced mouth feel and Jamiaca conveys its unmistakable structure and rustic edge.
For more than 400 years in the cognac region, the goal of a great cellar master is to understand each compoment and use it to create a blend that is far superior that each one separately. Armed Ferrand team and I have created this Plantation rum that we call "Plantation Three Stars" in honor of the three historical rum producering island of the Caribbean.

Tasting Notes:
Keenly vibrant and well-balanced, Plantation Three Stars displays the finesse and style of Trinidad and Barbados well intragrated with the character and fuller flavours of Jamaica.
On the nose it has delicate notes of tropical fruits intentwined with brown sugar and ripe banana.
On the palate it dispalys subtle spices and floral notes with a finish of sugar cane and vanilla.


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