Baron Gaston Legrand Bas Armagnac 1923

Cognac Lhéraud bought the company Baron Gaston Legrand in 1998. Until then, Baron Gaston Legrand had lived for more than 120 years selling its Armagnacs to other companies, which then resold them. The reason for this is that Legrand is not a businessman, he is a craftsman. In 1998, the company was in a very bad financial situation and without the opportunity to run the business (the owners were old and without heirs). Therefore, Mr Lhéraud was asked if he would buy the company since he had known them for more than 25 years. Convinced of the high quality and know-how of the company, he bought Baron Gaston Legrand. Since then, it has been insisted that nothing should be changed: employees, basement master and buildings are the same and will remain the same for as long as possible. Baron Gaston Legrand is located in the south-west of France (150 km south of Bordeaux) in the restricted area of ​​the appellation Bas Armagnac between the cities of Eauze and Nogaro. The domain owns 25 hectares of vineyards in a single plot. There are more than 4 different cellars where the dishes with Armagnac are stored. The dishes can hold 350 liters each, and are all made of oak. This Armagnac is produced from Ugni Blanc, Baco Blanc and Colombard grapes grown in the Bas Armagnac area, from which the finest Armagnac come. The Armagnac produced in the Bas Armagnac area is known to have low alcohol content and high acid content.

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