Gelas 25 Years Old Armagnac

Gelas Armagnac 25 Ans is a blend of different eau-de-vies - all aged for a minimum of 25 years in oak barrels. The result is a powerful and characterful armagnac with a deep, satisfying taste of dried flowers, fruits and spices. At this age, the spirit has a perfect balance between fruit and dish. An impressive glass! Color: Dark amber. Scent: Beautiful, floral scent of dried flowers, jam and cocoa. Taste notes: The taste is marked by age, but is still fresh, with notes of oak, chocolate, licorice and apricot. Serving suggestions: Should be enjoyed clean. Maison Gelas was founded in 1865 and has for more than four generations distilled and stored Armagnac under the family's own name. The company is located in Bas Armagnac, which is the smallest of Armagnac's three districts. Here the soil has a very special character, which provides the best growing conditions in the vineyards. Maison Gelas offers a wide range of Armagnacs. The family grows the grapes themselves, distills the spirits and stores and bottles its Armagnacs and therefore has control over the quality of the product from start to finish. Of the family's many special specialties, e.g. mention a number of exceptional "monocépage" or "single grape" armagnacs - that is, a series of "pure" and unmixed armagnacs, where the difference in aroma and taste impressions is really prominent. These are of course tapped at barrel strength and without filtration. In addition, Maison Gelas, superior to most other Armagnac manufacturers, offers more than 90 different vintage Armagnacs - dating back to 1887. Philippe Gelas has since 2001 led and developed the family's large range. Philippe is also the author of a beautiful book about Armagnac and a person more knowledgeable about the history of the area and the manufacture of armagnac can hardly be found.

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