Gelas Millesime 1939 Bas Armagnac

Gelas Millesime 1939 Bas Armagnac

Maison Gelas' rich history and dedication to Armagnac production through generations are impressive.

  • History: Founded in 1865, Maison Gelas has been a key player in the production and aging of Armagnac for over 150 years. This attests to a deep-rooted commitment to tradition and craftsmanship.
  • Location: Situated in Bas Armagnac, the smallest of Armagnac's three districts, Maison Gelas enjoys a unique advantage with special soil conditions favorable for growing grapes used in Armagnac production.
  • Production Process: Maison Gelas controls all phases of Armagnac production in-house, including grape cultivation, distillation of the spirit, and aging in oak barrels. This comprehensive control over the process ensures high quality in their final products.
  • Range: Maison Gelas offers a wide range of Armagnacs and stands out by presenting more than 90 different vintage Armagnacs, including this one from 1939. This allows customers to experience variations in taste and character across different vintages.
  • Quality Control: By being involved in every step of production, Maison Gelas can closely monitor and maintain the quality of their Armagnac. This is crucial for preserving their excellent reputation and delivering high-quality products.
  • Vintage Armagnac: Vintage Armagnacs dating back to 1887 showcase an impressive historical depth, allowing customers to taste and appreciate the evolution of Armagnac over time.

Maison Gelas' commitment to preserving and delivering the highest quality Armagnac makes them a valuable player in the world of Armagnac, and their extensive range reflects both tradition and innovation.

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