Bertha´s Revenge Crab Apple Gin Liqueur 31%

Bertha's Revenge Crab Apple Gin Liqueur 31%
Irish small batch

Crab Apples are attractive to look at, but those rosy ripe skin hues hide a flesh that can be wincingly sour. We age our fruit with Bertha´s Revenge Irish Milk Gin for a number of months, and then filter before adding some local honey, jaggery sugar syrup and cloves for a final months of infusion.
We have developed Bertha's Revenge Crab Apple Gin Liqueur to be both a supporting band member as well as a solo artist on the drinks stage; she can be enjoyed neat or in an excellentbase for a warming winter cocktail lije a spiced gin and apple punch

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Bertha's Revenge Crab Apple Gin Liqueur 31%
Irish small batch

Bertha, a legendary cow from Sneem, Co. Kerry died in 1993. At the age of 48, she became the world's oldest cow, giving birth to 39 eye-popping calves in her lifetime. To perpetuate her memory, we've brought her back in spirit - literally! Using whey alcohol from Irish dairy farmers, our own
natural spring water and incorporating an interesting blend of local forage and cultivated botanicals, we have handcrafted a gin that reflects Bertha in her prime. A fragrant nose, soft mouthfeel and warming, spicy middle notes that reflect her motherly core, and a long, fruit-driven finish to celebrate her longevity.

Ballyvolane - literally translated from Gaelic as "the place of leaping heifers" - a testament to the fertility and natural diversity of the land where the estates are located. The highly acclaimed Ballyvolane House practices a branching field of philosophy when it comes to food. Ballyvolane House Spirits Company is determined to replicate this by championing a grass-to-glass approach to everything we bottle.


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