Eau-de-vie Poire William Rene Miscault 700 ml.

René de Miscault William Pear Brandy - A Delicate Fruity Treasure

The William pear is a remarkable fruit, and when transformed into an eau de vie (French brandy) as René de Miscault does, it becomes a treasure for the taste buds.

Production Process: William pear brandy is obtained through the fermentation and distillation of William pears. This process yields a fruity and distinctive flavor and aroma that captures the essence of this delightful fruit.

Appearance: This eau de vie presents itself with a clear and clean appearance, reflecting its fine quality.

Aroma: The aroma is fragrant and inviting, indicating freshness and fruitiness. The aroma profile highlights the characteristic scent of the pear, inviting a sensory experience.

Taste: Upon tasting, you will experience a very distinctive fruity flavor that pays homage to the William pear. This eau de vie has a delicate and fine taste filled with freshness and fruit sweetness.

René de Miscault William Pear Brandy is a treasure for those who love fruity and delicate spirits. It is ideal as an aperitif or as a delightful conclusion to a meal. However you choose to enjoy it, this eau de vie is a taste experience that celebrates the natural beauty of the William pear.

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