Nonino Bassano Grappa 60% 350 ml.

Nonino Bassano Grappa 60% 350 ml.

Nonino Bassano Grappa with a strength of 60% is an exceptional grappa that stands out for its remarkable strength and character. Made by the famous Nonino distillery, this grappa is a testament to their dedication to producing premium spirits.

A time-honored legacy
Nonino is a well-known name in the world of grappa production with a rich history that goes back generations. Their commitment to traditional distillation techniques and the highest quality grapes is evident in every bottle they produce.

Pure Italian distillation
The essence of ​​this grappa lies in its purity. Carefully distilled to capture the true spirit of the grapes, it offers a taste that is undeniably Italian. Nonino's passion for their craft is evident in every sip.

Strength and character
Nonino Bassano Grappa 60% is a bold and intense spirit with an alcohol content of 60%. This high proof shows the depth of flavor and character that grappa enthusiasts appreciate. It is a grappa for those looking for an authentic and robust experience.

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