Angostura Orange Bitters 10 cl. 28%

Angostura Orange Bitters is a delightful orange variation of the iconic cocktail bitters that has been an essential ingredient in drinks and culinary creations for years. The small bottle with the distinctive label has found its place in cocktail bars and kitchens worldwide and is known for its outstanding quality. While the recipe is a well-kept secret, the taste is unparalleled.

Angostura Orange Bitters is the perfect choice to elevate your cocktails to new heights. It adds a subtle and complex orange flavor that enhances the taste experience of your drinks. It's ideal for cocktails with gin, vodka, and white rum, bringing a fresh and fruity dimension to your libations.

Whether you're a professional bartender or an enthusiastic home mixologist, Angostura Orange Bitters will transform your beverages into works of art. Add a few drops to your favorite cocktails and experience how the subtle orange flavor takes your drinks to the next level. A bottle of this orange bitters is an essential ingredient in any well-equipped bar and kitchen.

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