Norliq Creme De Cerise Liqueur 50 cl. (Cherry liqueurs)

Creme De Cerise is the second product in the series of Danish liqueurs developed and produced by NORLIQ.

As always, quality and our desire for a very special taste experience have our biggest focus.

For the production of Creme De Cerise, cherries of the variety Oblachinska are used. This berry is rich in acid and at the same time has a high content of sugar. When the berries are ripe in the month of August, they are shaken by the trees, after which they are squeezed into juice.

Using special flavoring yeast, the fresh juice is then fermented in temperature-controlled tanks. The carefully selected type of yeast helps to give the liqueur the characteristic fullness and vinousness that is also found in Creme De Sureau.

When the fermentation is complete, good quality pure alcohol is added. The wine is now cooled to cause yeast cells and particles to settle. After clarification, add pure cherry juice and sugar syrup as well as a concentrated extract of the aroma substances of the cherry stone. This extract is added to concentrate the authentic taste of cherries in the liqueur.

Creme De Cerise is an extremely delicate liqueur with a characteristic taste of cherries, reminiscent of sun-ripened fresh cherries picked directly from the tree.
Creme De Cerise contains 25% alcohol which goes in perfect balance with the light sweetness and great fullness.

Serve Creme De Cerise for desserts, for strong cheeses that accompany the coffee, or just enjoy it as it is.

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