Riga Black Balsam Original

Riga Black Balsam Original is a remarkable and iconic light bitter liqueur with roots in Riga, Latvia. It was created in the mid-18th century and has since gained international recognition for its unique taste and traditional artisanal manufacturing process.

The taste of tradition:

Riga Black Balsam Original is known for its deep and complex taste. It contains a blend of natural ingredients including herbs, plants, roots and various balsamic extracts. The result is a harmonious combination of sweetness, spices and a pleasant bitterness that makes this liqueur something very special.


Riga Black Balsam Original can be enjoyed in several ways. Many prefer to drink as an aperitif or a digestif, preferably served ice-cold or at room temperature. It can also be used as ingredients in cocktails and mixed with other spirits and liqueurs to create unique taste experiences.

Known Worldwide:

Riga Black Balsam Original is a national treasure in Latvia, but it has also become known and loved by people all over the world. It has won awards and honors for its taste and quality and has become a fast favorite among liqueur lovers.

Whether you are a connoisseur of liqueurs or are curious to try something new and exciting, Riga Black Balsam Original is worth exploring. Its unique flavor profile and rich history make it a liqueur that stands out in the crowd.

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