Mosgaard 6 years old Single Malt Whisky 57% 7 sisters

In 2017, Mosgaard filled 7 sister casks which they had rebuilt from specially selected 30-40 year old Oloroso casks. The old original Sherry casks were renovated and rebuilt into 140 liter casks and filled with our New Spirit with the aim of making a very special series - where, unlike the small quarter cask casks we normally use, they could follow the whiskey's path for a little longer . Mosgaard's new series "7 Sisters Oloroso" is on the way. The casks are in our original and first small barrel warehouse, and have thus been part of the entire journey for Mosgaard Whisky.

The first "sister" is now 6 years old, and ready to meet the world - and every year from now on, Mosgaard will release one of the sister casks until the last cask is 12 years old - a completely unique series. As Mosgaard has some casks of very high quality which over the years will each give their own stamp on the whisky, and contribute to the first Mosgaard products in a series, which come with an indication of age.

The Oloroso Sherry cask is a classic sherry cask for whiskey aging, and was also where Mosgaard started, as their first whiskey was released in 2019 precisely from the Oloroso cask. Oloroso casks suit the style of our New Spirit very well, which is defined by sweetness, softness and especially fruity notes - and is highlighted by the aging in this particular type of sherry cask.

The special bottling "7 sisters 6 years" is bottled at 57%, which gives it a robust intensity that can remind a little of old Balsamico in strength and complexity, which meets a fruity acidity and mineral depth. It is an impressive and complex composition of aromas and flavors that shows that Oloroso aged Whiskey can do something about cask strength when it is made in old casks.

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Mosgaard Organic Single Malt Whisky
- Handcrafted in Denmark

"Ageing of 7 sister casks"
Aged: 6 years
Batch: 4417
Cask: Oloroso Cask
Bottled: 10/01-2024
Bottles in all: 250
Strength: 57%

Contens: 50 Cl.


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