Plantation Rum Single Cask 13 Years Old Peru Rum 48,2% 2017

Plantation Rum Single Cask - Eriksen Vinhandel
13 years old Peru rum 48,2%

Plantation is a limited edition of "haute couture" rums benefiting from a double ageing process beginning in the Caribean and endding ate the House of Ferrand in France where a specific cask finish produces optimal expression in each batch. These exceptional casks reflect the art of the ageing process of Plantation rums.

Recently voted "Rum Master Blender" in the world in London, our Cellar Master nurture each individual barrel to achieve its own personality from the renowned rum terrior and the profile og an exceptional cask. Each expression of Single Cask is unique and will not be repeated.

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Plantation Rum
Single Cask - Eriksen Vinhandel

Distilled in: 2014
Bottled in: 2017
Aged: 13 years old
Tropical ageing: 10 years in Slovenian and American casks.
Continental ageing: 2 years in Perre Ferrand Cognac cask.
Further maturation: 1 year in Amburana cask.
Strength: 48,2%

Nose: Delicate, it starts with caramel, milk chocolate, then dried banana, almond with some smoke.

Palate: Elegant and quite dry. Soft spices from the oak and amburana. It evolves on coffee and vanilla crustard.

Finale: Long and quite dry on milk chocolate vanilla, molasses and walnut.


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